Reasons to Ride Startup Bus 2017

#5 Will SHOCK You!

In my loudest, boisterous opinion, you should ride Startup Bus 2017. When asked about the advantages and good things that came from my 2016 Ohio Maker Bus experience, I came up with some unexpected thing you will receive – sometimes without even trying.  Number 5 will shock you because if you know me well, I’m usually not a potty mouth. While it is nothing like working in the oil field where curse words are repurposed by the milli-second as nouns, verbs, adjectives  more so than expletives, the vernacular of buspreneurs is at least honest, true and creative.

Here’s to future you and what you will receive. You will:

1. Learn by Osmosis – Peer knowledge is contagious. It’s like getting an ‘idea fever’ but instead of just nursing it, you push it out push by sweating the small stuff. Each member purges their hustle and honed skills. Building antibodies, creating a healthy and thriving environment with substance, and fighting power – ‘together learning’ is strong enough to stand on its own and make traction.

2. Compress Time – Also known as the summer camp experience. The strangers you entered that clean smelling bus with suddenly know more about you under extreme pressure than your best friend. Suddenly you are belting out ‘No Sleep ’Til N’Orlans’ while fighting over precious spotty bandwidth and laughing about it. The stale air of 24 other buspreneurs mixed with the faint smell of the luxury liner bus bathroom does not phase you. Your Startup Bus Baby was born last night.  That baby is going to be walking, talking and showing off in a few hours. Each one of you will take a role in fattening him up, teaching him to perform, cleaning up the crap and pivoting when the plan is not working.

3. Participate in Unconventional Networking – Nothing brings out the best in you than an inclusive group of strangers under pressure to show results in a short amount of time. When was the last time you pulled an all-nighter with your colleagues and did something you felt good about? (Christmas parties do not count!) It took a while to realize that team building and doing was also networking. Bonus –  you didn’t have to try. (Remember, you just met these people last night?) No boring ice breakers or craft beer demonstrations. Just 10 hours into Startup Bus 2017 you realize that you did not have to network because your team already had a nickname for you the first hour. They helped finish off your last bit of sandwich and completed your sentences like an old college buddy. 

4. Get Unexpected Outcomes and New POV’s – Wild ideas with obstacle strewn paths are not faced with your office walls surrounding you now. YOU’RE ON A BUS – with your tribe. You stop seeing limitations and innovate the obstacles. Fast forward to next week? Already your side hustle has funding, and you collaborating with a Startup Buspreneur from Europe on a new venture.  Singlehandedly you solved that issue at work the day you came back by seeing it from your new POV. You surprise yourself in how much you can really get done in 72 hours. This experience makes GTD seem like slow-walking – backwards.

5. Take One Wild *ss Ride – DOT regulates the actual Startup Bus driver’s hours and hours of service with breaks  – but not you and your fellow buspreneurs! No rules, no regulations, no limits on taking your ride and driving it to the next level creating, pitching and selling. Taking breaks to bond with your team/fam? Encouraged. Remember riding with friends on the crazy intense rollercoasters until you puked? They do,  because um, you really are a rockstar. It’s okay to let them all believe everyone sat on the bus quietly, heads down and typed for three days.

Set yourself apart. Apply for one of the few seats available on Startup Bus, New Orleans.

Let your friends believe you are the Clark Kent riding the bus and return as THAT hero.
Your Superhero Startup Bus family already believe in your super powers and they haven’t even met you yet!

Female & Male Startup Bus 2017 Riders


Crazy enough to jump on bus conceive, build and launch a startup with a team of strangers in 72 hours? See what Startup Bus is all about – especially Ohio’s Maker Bus! Contact me if you want an invite code.   Seven buses are departing on July 31st from their respective cities (St. Louis, Ohio, New York City, San Fransisco, Mexico City, New Orleans and Tampa). The destination?   It’s New Orleans to compete with other buspreneurs for an intensive collaborative startup competition.
As an alum to Ohio’s Maker Bus 2016, the best encouragement given  to me by a mentor. “It’s like getting your Startup MBA in 72 hours – and the networking to go with it.”