What is Startup Bus?

startupbus logoMay 2, 2016

This is what I wrote on my Gofund me page when I found out just 10 days before receiving a golden ticket to ride on the Startup bus Akron:

Super intense hackathon/competition. Me and 24 other strangers will be riding to Boulder Colorado May 15-19th and will be pitching a business/software application idea to each other, creating teams and actually developing, creating, practicing our pitches the whole way to Colorado. There will be stops along the way to eat, sleep and to visit other Startups.
(Who are we kidding? We are not going to sleep!) Apparently we have mini-competitions along the way to complete. Upon our arrival to Boulder, we will present at Techstars, a leading startup accelerator during Boulder’s startup week.

As a marketer, journalist, project management, brand cheerleader and content creator I will help whatever manner on whatever idea is chosen to promote as a business and product we decide to create on the bus. Promoting, pitching, researching, designing, maybe some database work or developing. Whatever it is, I will be doing my absolute best to help my team create a viable, and marketable product.

A student in web development, I may be a newbie in coding but I’m not afraid of it and cannot wait to jump in to this scary-exciting-intensive-immersive competition.

Read for yourself on the official  Startup Bus page and follow my blog posts to see what transpired!

Here are just a few of the things I tweeted for my application for Startup Bus:

  • Challenged by @uxscottmeier: learn more in 72 hours on @TheStartupbus than in earning an MBA. The people are that good. #StartupBusMAKE
  • @TheStartupBus side effects: no sleep, rapid brain activity, extreme passion for peer creation & winning. I can do that! #StartupBusMAKE
  • I’m fast•thorough•sharp as a tack•I get up early•stay up late•Use a machete to cut through red tape @StartupBus #StartupBusMAKE @Cakemusic
  • Why yes, I AM crazy enough. Ready for my interview this afternoon @TheStartupBus Get on the bus! #StartupBusMAKE
  • Pretty sure the symphony of chaos @The StartupBus could replace my lame story of the craziest thing I have ever done! #StartupBusMAKE

Was I correct? It was way more intense than I thought. More brain power and collaboration was utilized and I formed an amazing network of friends and colleagues with an enormous amount of talent and energy to make and learn. There’s a network of amazing people who enjoy creating, coding, collaborating and celebrating amazing work. It was immersive and no, you can’t train for this. You need to apply next year and see for yourself.

Akron Maker Bus Sponsors included: MorganBurton D Morgan Foundation, Knight Foundation,  University of Akron EX[L] Center, and the University of Akron Research Foundation as well as Wastebits, Cover My Meds, Balsamiq, Hotcards, Coffee and Code, Boxcast, LaunchNet, Cleveland Whisky, and Think[Box].

Thank you wonderful sponsors to Akron’s Startup Bus, as well as my GoFund me Sponsors, Ed’s Equipment and the EX[L] Center for making my trip possible.