Golding Pearl Old Style #3 Letterpress

Where industrial meets beautiful

A metal based letterpress with drawers, a flywheel and treadle, this floor press was most likely used as a ‘gentleman’s press’ according to the man I purchased it from who collects and restores presses as well as volunteered for a museum as an expert on Golding. His assessment was due to the condition the press was in when he received it and the amount of repairs and restoration that were completed on the machine. For small jobs like business cards, thank you cards and post cards, the press I purchased is from the 1800’s and is in excellent condition.

The thing I love the most about Golding machines is that they are functional, big, bold, heavy but beautiful. While the industrial revolution pumped out some very industrial looking things – Golding ensured that there was still style and beauty in what could very well just be clunky old machinery.

Golding Press 2012
Golding Press 2012

The treadles on the machines are hearts, and G’s for Golding and the plating that state that they are Golding Pearl are just plain beautiful. Golding had artisans paint and apply gilding on the larger letterpresses. There’s beauty in that form.

Everyone gets this gleam in their eye and asks me when I’m going to start a shop in my basement and start making wedding invites. No thanks. No bridezilla’s messing up my flow here. Putting together books and then binding them myself is the plan.