Business Fair and Boulder Theater Competition Finals

Up to this point, things were pretty well taken care of back at home  but this morning I received a text at 6:18 a.m. with a request for someone to drive a forgotten final project to school. Finally we were able to get more than three hours of sleep after the whole bus trip and finals and I had to get up early. Oh well. I’m grateful we were able to get it fixed quickly and Lake teachers are pretty understanding when they hear what’s going on in the background.  I’m so grateful to my family for helping me out too.

We were able to get down to business and enjoy the business fair, meet up with vendors in the theatre before the competition. Our team met at ‘The Ghost’ restaurant to begin talking about traction regarding Spacecraft and the people we would be meeting in California and when we arrived back in Ohio.

That evening Dash Pilot, our fellow buspreneur team came in as the the runner-up team and are continuing on with their product which is needed product in the marketplace. Everyone cheered them on and were happy to have made our sponsors proud to have Akron Maker’s representing on stage. Filling out surveys, answering questions and doing what we could to help them out as a team members before the finals was a great collaborative thing to watch unfold. What a great bunch of guys. The mission of DashPilot is to prevent the more than 60,000 annual automotive collisions due to fatigue and distractions on US roads.

This type of collaboration is still one thing that I’m amazed about this industry that is unlike any other that I have been unaccustomed to in the other industries I have served. This open-source, sharing of information and jumping in to help is amazing. I love it. I was beginning to think it was just the circle of people I hung around. Then, maybe it was an Ohio thing. Maybe it’s a tech thing? A maker thing? A communication thing?  There’s a genuine love for technology and the desire to share this knowledge. There’s so much of it. I’ve always felt that way about marketing and figure that if I help people out by showing them how to market something by themselves, they’ll need me for something bigger. It never hurts to share your knowledge – why wouldn’t you? There’s always more to learn anyways.

Back to the finals…..and the winner is…..

The winner of the competition was Tub Fill the Tub was built on the Uber API. It is customized so that the content is personalized from your personal bookmarks for your next Uber ride. Uber was a sponsor of Startup Bus North America along with Cisco Spark by Cisco. They had a great pitch and as well as so many others. You can watch the pitches on the Startup Bus North America Facebook Page.

Thank you to our Startup Bus Akron Make Conductors Ray Lewis and Will Yaworski, and Startup Bus mentors Gordon Schorr, Chris Bue, and Chris Laco. 

Akron Maker Bus Sponsors included: MorganBurton D Morgan Foundation, Knight Foundation,  University of Akron EX[L] Center, and the University of Akron Research Foundation as well as Wastebits, Cover My Meds, Balsamiq, Hotcards, Coffee and Code, Boxcast, LaunchNet, Cleveland Whisky, and Think[Box]. Thank you wonderful sponsors to Akron’s Startup Bus, as well as my GoFund me Sponsors, Ed’s Equipment and the EX[L] Center for making my trip possible.

Boulder Theatre
Boulder Theatre

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