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About me, Andrea Young – the personal blog, happenstances and mostly student projects wrapped into one mishmash of photos, code, plugins, wordplay and some made up phrases here and there.

Old school journalism kept me far away from blogs because you know…only those who could not write were bloggers [gasp]. I was wrong. I am happy as a clam to to be blogging now.

A great marketer is a great conversationalist.

A fine storyteller is also a great listener who takes those tidbits, places them together and becomes a cheerleader for those words and stories.

I am collector of words, quotes, cool fonts, a conversationalist, brand cheerleader and marketer. I have and tinker with a Golding Pearl Letterpress. A hobbyist at best, I am trying to master both hand bookbinding and letterpress card making, and paper crafting in my spare time. I have not had much time to do either but by publishing pAndreaYoungLogoictures with my goal may get me going faster.

A marketer, writer, brander and all those other things that you should just creep on my LinkedIn profile to define my work or project life on are relatively insignificant compared to what I define my life as than this: being a mom. I am several times over a mom with each experience miraculous, mixed with parts sad, happy and hilarious. My life experience is with an imperfectly perfect mother and father whom I model my life after daily. My family has been an integral part of my growing up and still to this day – an amazing part of my journey in faith and life.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. On days that are good and days that are bad I wake up and remind myself: Remember – someone calls you Mom. 

As a new student in web development, coding and learning how to stretch my mind to think differently than I have ever thought before, I am amazed at the creativity that flows when both left and right sides of your brain are accessed. I will highlight experiences here that are new and exciting – and as one of my friends likes to introduce me ‘it’s the Andrea who thinks it’s Christmas every day!’ Here I am.

Welcome to your Christmas every day. It is a gift. I tell my kids often their words should be like beautifully wrapped packages their recipient wants to open. We could probably all work on our words, our gifts to each other and on the gifts that we are given – like this day. You and me both – let’s start……now!

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